Berwick Tennis Club currently has 24 teams competing in the Berwick & District Tennis Association (BDTA) competitions on Saturday and Sunday mornings. This makes the club one of the largest in the Association. Teams compete in singles and doubles competitions against clubs in the local area.

The teams play in two seasons during the year. The summer season is held during term 4 and term 1 and the winter season is conducted during term 2 and term 3.

To play competition for the Club children must become members of the Berwick Tennis Club. The competition is open to players who are 18 and under during the dates of the season.

Set 4 Tennis also conduct a Green Ball competition to prepare juniors for the weekend competition. This competition is held on a Monday night from 4 pm to 5 pm during the same seasons as the junior competition.

For any enquiries please contact the Junior Coordinator, Allison Miller, on 0408 332 929.


BDTA Website: www.bdta.com.au
BDTA By-laws: http://www.bdta.com.au/by-laws/