Club President, Shane Fielding, was invited to sit on the panel at a Tennis Victoria Community Tennis Forum at AAMI Park in July 2018.  The topic was ‘Working effectively with local government’ and Shane was able to share with the audience, both in the room and live-streaming on Facebook, Berwick Tennis Club’s experiences over the last 10 years working with the City of Casey, to highlight the significant successes we’ve had in recent times and to provide some advice to other tennis club’s on the key areas we focused on that have led to these successes.

Shane managed to have the mic from 45:40 – 58:40 and again from about 1:20:45 – 1:23:45.  Video of the forum

Earlier in the night Shane also managed to get some airtime on the SEN 1116 tennis program ‘The First Serve’ hosted by SEN broadcaster and tennis commentator Brett Phillips.  His snippet in the podcast is from about 8:47 – 12:30.  Podcast link